The problem with being a scientist

The problem with being a scientist is that you are constantly gathering data and using it to fit whatever theory you may have.  If you are lucky, you do this only in your field of expertise.  If, however, you are like moi, then you apply this to your life.  This is BAD.

For example:

Theory: I am a bad dresser. (I don’t think this is true, just work with me)

Data Collection: My friends don’t compliment me on a new cute outfit.

Data Interpretation: I must be a bad dresser.

Alternate Theory that is more likely: My friends have no fashion sense so do not know to compliment me. (this is not true either)

Some might attibute this thought process to the fact that chicks over-analyze.  I argue that we have naturally scientifically attuned minds.  Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “The problem with being a scientist

  1. neuroscienceresearch says:

    Seeing as it was a “new cute outfit”, I think your alternate theory may be correct. Some of your friends do have sight and are able to communicate, right?

    Since I’m a male scientist and caught myself comparing drive time and mileage for two different routes to a ranch about 5 miles away this week, I’ll vote that it may be the scientist in you.

    Take care.

  2. astrodel says:

    Yes, indeed they can note that the outfit is ‘new’ and can communicate 😉 good point! Being a scientist is useful for stuff like comparing different driving routes, figuring out what gasoline your car works best on, etc., but it’s not so good with things like people dynamics– too many variables!
    Thanks for dropping by, neuroscienceresearch!

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