Life assumptions

What if some of the things you assumed about your life were perhaps not true or meant to be.  How would you live your life differently?

If you knew you were in fact never to have children, would you care about your savings quite so much?  Where would you travel with all of those extra funds?

If you knew you would never be the top gun of your company, presuming that was your major career goal, what job would you do instead?  Explore something more creative, perhaps?

If you realized you had lost your faith, would you try to hard to keep out of hell?

The choices we make on a regular basis are informed by a certain “insurance” mentality.  Let me save a nest egg for my yet-to-exist children.  Let me not be totally honest with my boss because I shouldn’t burn bridges.  Let me not bask in the sun because I’ll be around long enough to get skin cancer.  I’m not talking about “risks” or “living life to the fullest”, but realizing how are preconceptions of our future life shape our every day decisions, today.

So that’s my homework for the next week– realizing what rules I’m unconsciously putting upon myself and for what reasons.  And assuming assumption x,y, or z is not true– what am I gonna do know that there are no boundaries?!?

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