Why I love airports

This post will be quick– boarding a flight to DC in a few minutes!  I am reminded sometimes of how my life does (and sometimes does not) live up to my childhood visions of a glamourous adulthood.  I envisioned my grown-up self traveling internationally for business, and here I am:  San Francisco, to Washington D.C., to Rome, to Prague.  I must confess, it does not feel as exciting as it sounds– this is definitely a big, long trip for work!  But I still can be romanced by it all.

Flying to me continues to be romantic, and not solely in the love sense of the world.  More of that sense of time and place.  Airports are amazing to me because they have people of all types, hometowns, and destinations, all crossing paths in their exciting adventures.  There is a sense of destiny uniting these people to intersect.

Okay, I have to board soon, but I would love to hear others thoughts on the romance of travel.  Yes, airport security, mediocre food, and other silly things get in the way, but really:  what is more exciting than traveling on the road of life?  🙂

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