Book Review: “A Whole New Mind” gives a Whole New Outlook

Daniel H. Pinks A Whole New Mind

Daniel H. Pink’s A Whole New Mind is like a how-to manual for living a new life using parts of your brain probably not entirely valued right now.  The subtitle, Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, not so subtly gets to his point about why we, as highly capable thinking human beings, need to stop living in the Knowledge Worker Age and prepare ourselves for the Conceptual Age.

The main highlight for me in this book is that it is chock-full of specific ways to put to practice the concepts shared in this book.  It’s almost like learning to use your right brain is a hobby and here are the fun steps for how to improve at it.  Pink gives suggestions like go to a laughing club (you’ll be amazed when you read about these), walk a labyrinth, learn design, eavesdrop without looking at the conversers and guess what they look like, and more.

Pink provides very thorough references for you fact checkers, including many academic references along the lines of economics and psychology.  To top it all off, Pink is just plain… funny.  I actually found myself LOL-ing as I read it.  It’s also the first time in a long while where I can’t stop talking about the book I’m reading to everyone, and want all my friends to read it.  However, I must keep my current copy because it’s like a new reference book for life.  It got me thinking on so many fronts, from career paths, spirituality, the singularity, and art

I highly recommend Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind and would love to discuss it with anyone.