A Reason to Pray

I have not prayed in a good long while. Of the many possible explanations possible, I think what stands out is not having faith and not feeling the need to pray enough. But tonight, Tuesday, November 4, 2008, I have a reason to pray: Barack Obama won the United States of America Presidential Election, and became the first Black, African-American President-elect of this great country.

So what do I pray for?

Obama Acceptance Speeh

Obama Acceptance Speeh

I pray for him to have the wisdom to lead this country in these confusing, hurtful times. I have high expectations of him– it would be insulting not to– but I also know that he is human, and will make mistakes. I pray that he will deal with them gracefully.

I pray for his family, that they have strength and support to take them through the next several years. I pray that, more than remembering their father as the first African-American President, his children remember him as a loving wonderful father, and his wife see him as the strong, true, integrity-filled man whose eyes she looked into on their wedding day. I pray that his mother and grandmother in heaven know the role they have in this important day.

I pray that the World, including America, is ready for him. May he be protected from those that are afraid and naive, and hate because they don’t know better.

It takes faith and hope to pray, and Barack Obama has brought both faith and hope to this country today. We have faith in him to lead us, and we hope that the best is possible.

Here’s to having a reason to pray!