Hot yoga!

A few weeks ago I started a new hobby called hot yoga, and it is so great I have to write about it.  I had been looking to exercise more, and I also wanted to start something mindfullness oriented, and hot yoga amazingly does both at the same, particularly nice in these busy times.  The place I am attending is Yoga @Cindy’s, located in Sunnyvale, CA, off of Lawrence Expressway.  Please see my Yelp review for more details on this place specifically.

I feel like a million bucks after each class, having sweated out the stress of the day and feeling very strong. It is also great to have something you can grow every day, and really make a craft, or ‘practice’ as they say.  I also happen to be fairly yoga oriented with my flexibility, but I am still working on strength and balance 🙂

Lastly, note that hot yoga (95-98 F) is cooler than Bikram yoga (110 F), and it makes a huge difference.  You still sweat a ton, but those 12 degrees or so make a huge difference.  Sometimes Bikram left me light headed and with a headache, but not so much with hot yoga.

If you are practice yoga, please let me know about your approach to the practice, and how you might have interacted with hot yoga.  If you are curious about hot yoga a bit more, please ask away!