Life To-Do

Please join me 🙂

NOTE:  Just because it is crossed off does not mean I do want to do more of it, it just means I have fulfilled that item to my satisfaction.

  • Have a dog
  • Learn Design (process)
  • Enjoy many beautiful vistas
  • See “Wicked” in San Francisco
  • Be a Labyrinth Chaser, including Land’s End Labyrinth in San Francisco
  • SF Asian (art) museum, Japanese tea gardens
  • Leonardo Exhibit at The Tech(several other exhibits)
  • Exploratorium Tactile Dome
  • Work with Joss Whedon
  • Write a Sci-Fi Novel
  • Meet Oprah (be her science corespondent)
  • Throw cute bombs at people (a.k.a. send cute surprises to people)
  • Make Béchamel sauce
  • Do a real backpacking trip, maybe to Appalachia
  • Take voice lessons and perform somewhere– join a band!
  • Learn all the words to REM’s End of the World as We Know It
  • Dance as much as possible– Club, Techno, HipHop, ROCK, Waltz, whatevs
  • Watch all the classics movies, like The Philadelphia Story
  • Go through a life size maze
  • Have tea at the Samovar Tea Room
  • Watch all Battlestar Gallactica
  • Master Krav Maga
  • Live honestly (continuous process)
  • Visit every continent
  • Visit every state in the US
  • Obtain Private Pilot License (airplane, maybe rotorcraft)
  • Do a real, pack-in/ pack-out, backpacking trip
  • Get/ make a solar powered trailer home
  • See planetarium at Cal Academy in Golden Gate Park
  • Go cavern kayaking
  • Eat brunch here
  • Master yoga
  • Have a family and kids
  • Scuba dive
  • Paint pictures and decorate my place with them, and give them as gifts
  • Own a house, but always be ready to move on to the next adventure (home is where the heart is)
  • Get back to writing hand written letters
  • Die my hair a crazy color… for a little while at least!
  • Make a sculpture of some sort
  • Attend Burning Man
  • Learn to surf
  • Go camping in a really remote area, where even backpackers don’t go (rural Washington, perhaps?)
  • Have a winery (gotta think big!)
  • Snowboard awesomely
  • Invent/ create something new
  • Go to a Hollywood event
  • Document my family history
  • Jog with just a sports bra on top
  • Grow my own vegetables
  • Get my inbox down to zero 🙂
  • Build a piece of furniture
  • Play music… and write music!
  • Go vegan
  • Go to church, memorize some important scripture
  • Plan some cool surprise parties for loved ones 😀
  • See an opera- and understand it!
  • Go to Carnival somewhere (New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Venice, or ???)
  • Speak two other languages, in addition to English, fluently
  • Explore the jungles of Puerto Rico
  • Dive with bioluminescent creatures
  • Kiss surrounded by fireflies
  • Combine dance and martial arts in some awesome way
  • Live in NYC for a little while
  • Be a good aunt
  • Get as close to the stars as possible 🙂
  • Live in New Mexico for a little while
  • Worm composting!
  • Make all my gifts for people (or most of them)
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Learn to tell a really good story
  • Have many lovely dinner parties with people I adore
  • Start my own business, of any kind
  • Create something I can sell
  • Run a marathon/ half-marathon
  • Climb Half Dome
  • Mountain climb somewhere extraordinary
  • Do real field work again
  • Stand some place no one else ever has
  • Publish an article (journal or magazine)
  • Learn bartending
  • Create a retreat type place in Mexico or a similar type place
  • Start a road trip with absolutely no idea where I am going
  • Move to an area where I do not know anyone in the region
  • Volunteer with a cause close to my heart (I have volunteered in the past, but I want to do something that really pulls me in and is my cause)
  • Learn emergency training (CPR, search and rescue, etc.)
  • Catch a big fish that I can eat and enjoy
  • Learn to DJ
  • Have a fire pit outside and enjoy summer evening BBQs
  • Become really good at backyard astronomy
  • Surprise people often 😉 (with regards to myself)
  • Really learn how to take care of my own car
  • Learn stick shift
  • Have acupuncture done on me
  • Learn how to pick locks successfully
  • Own something custom tailored for me
  • Go to

More to come, surely…

One thought on “Life To-Do

  1. astrodel says:

    Wow, I just looked back at this (I had not crossed out anything to date) and crossed out 10 items! There were two backpacking refs, but I have gone twice, so all is well 😀

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